scorm-PROXY eLearning Course Distribution and Licensing Platform

SCORM-PROXY is a cloud-based course licensing system that gives you complete control over who can access your courses.

As a course developer, you have a fundamental problem – how do you distribute your SCORM courses to your customers and maintain control over them? Are they being copied? How many students are viewing them? How do you block access when your license agreement ends?

A common scenario:
Many of your customers want to purchase your SCORM courses to run in their Learning Managements Systems (LMS). However, once you send the customer your product SCORM courses, you have lost all control over where they go and who is viewing them. Your SCORM courses are by their very nature easy to copy and freely distribute.
The Solution is scorm-PROXY:
The scormProxy system is a cloud-based platform that you load your SCORM courses into (once). When your customers want to purchase your courses to run in their LMS, they download a proxy version of your product to load into their system. The proxy module does not have your course in it, but controls access to the real content based on the licensing that you have established. You control all aspects of who can access your courses.

The Best SCORM Cloud Alternative

Seamlessly distribute and manage your eLearning content remotely with our unique scorm-NEXT platform. Our solution allows you to distribute your SCORM 1.2SCORM 2004 or TinCan xAPI content remotely to your clients’ eLearning platforms (LMS) through a licensing system or SCORM cloud. In other words, you’ll be able to control at all times how many students view your content and for how long, for each of your clients.

With our scorm cloud solution your content always remains safe in the cloud and under your complete control. These are stored in the repository and your clients access them remotely. They never receive the original content. In this way, you’ll have full control over who accesses your content and for how long.

When you distribute your courses through your clients’ LMSs, you won’t have to send the original SCORM packages / TinCan Packages with all the content, but a redirect packet (SCORM connector/TinCan connector) created via scorm-NEXT. Therefore, if you update content, you only need to do so in the scorm-NEXT repository.


Want to give it a try?

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