Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) Interactive safety and security compliance training for international cargo and airport ground handling personnel.


Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), one of the world’s leading ground handling organizations, providing cargo, passenger, ramp, baggage and technical services across 179 locations in more than 22 countries; required the development of a comprehensive eLearning program to prepare airport ground handling teams to effectively perform cargo security screenings. Through audience analysis and independent research, WFS identified employee’s sense of purpose and pride as a key factor in their overall performance. As such, engaging the audience and facilitating an understanding of job value and impact became an essential priority for the training.

Training Features

Experiential Learning

The training needed to be accessible and impactful across a culturally diverse audience.

The Challenge

WFS needed to develop training that engaged learners to shift core attitudes and strengthen belief in job function and purpose, all while adhering to rigid industry compliance standards. In addition, the training needed to be accessible and impactful across a culturally diverse audience.

The Solution

A combination of instructional approaches was leveraged to drive learner engagement and demonstrate purpose and job value through principles of gamification and storytelling. Each section was carefully scripted in collaboration with subject matter experts to train employees on fundamental tasks and function, while participants were then challenged to apply their newly acquired knowledge to diffuse hypothetical dangerous situations in airports across the world. By presenting learning activities through these “high-stakes” scenarios, learners were tested on their understanding of core content while simultaneously highlighting the very real importance of their work.

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