Selling and Distributing E-Learning Courses to your Corporate Customers

As an E-Learning course creator, it is clear that good design and course production is critical, however, that’ is just the first step. The next pivotal step is selecting the right distribution platform, a decision that hinges on whether your target audience is individual learners or corporate clients. In this post, we’ll dive into the challenges that arise when distributing courses to corporate clients and introduce SCORM-Next as a compelling solution.

The Distribution Dilemma

Selling to individuals

When you’re offering courses to individual learners, you typically rely on a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is a platform that allows you to load and organize your course offering – and provides a way for your individual learners to find and purchase your courses. Ideally, it comes with robust reporting and tracking capabilities along with other features that enhance the learning experience. We have worked with many LMS platforms over the years and there are a wide spectrum of possibilities that range greatly in terms of capabilities and cost. Making an LMS selection is a very involved process, one that we are happy to help with but goes beyond the scope of this post.

Selling to Corporate Clients

However, if your aim is to cater to corporate clients, a different scenario unfolds. Corporate customers usually have their own LMS in place, and they expect your courses to seamlessly integrate into their systems. This is a common scenario, and fortunately, because your courses are no doubt SCORM compliant, it’s not a problem – technically. However, it presents a significant business challenge – you may not want to relinquish control over your courses entirely.

Once your courses leave your hands and enter the client’s LMS, you lose oversight. You can’t be certain if your content is being copied and shared in unanticipated places, and you have no control over who accesses your courses and when.

The Solution: SCORM-Next

Enter SCORM-Next, the innovative solution to maintain control over your eLearning content while delivering it through your clients’ LMS. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your Content Repository: With SCORM-Next, you house your courses within your SCORM Next system. This centralized repository ensures that you retain ownership and control over your content.
  2. Course Connectors: Instead of sending your actual courses to corporate clients, you provide them with course connectors. These connectors are lightweight components designed for seamless integration into their existing LMS. Importantly, they do not contain your actual course content.
  3. Seamless Integration: Once integrated, these connectors function within the client’s LMS just like any other SCORM content. They are user-friendly and require no special handling.
  4. Control and Licensing: The connectors incorporate robust licensing controls. This feature ensures that only authorized users from the client’s organization can access your courses. Moreover, you can enforce expiration dates, maintaining control over the duration of access.

Benefits Galore

The adoption of SCORM-Next brings several benefits:

Content Control: You retain full control over your courses, even when they’re hosted in a client’s LMS.

  • Security: Protect your content from unauthorized distribution and maintain the integrity of your intellectual property.
  • Licensing Compliance: Ensure that your courses are used in accordance with licensing agreements and prevent overuse.
  • Seamless User Experience: Your clients’ employees enjoy a seamless learning experience within their familiar LMS environment.
  • Centralized Reporting: Track user progress and performance centrally, regardless of where your courses are accessed.


As you venture into distributing your eLearning courses to corporate clients, the control and security of your content become paramount. SCORM-Next is your ally in this journey, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly way to distribute your courses while retaining ownership and control.

Ready to explore how SCORM-Next can transform your eLearning distribution? Reach out to us for a demo or more information. Your courses deserve to reach the world securely and effortlessly, and SCORM-Next makes it possible.

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